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Our Fabrication Services

Fazlerasheed is a leader in contract manufacturing, engineering, and assembly of fabricated sheet metal products. With an outstanding combination of the latest technology complemented by the best people in the business, we’ve established the benchmark for the industry.

Fazlerasheed has full capabilities of handling comprehensive fabrication welding, erection and turnaround jobs. Every effort is made to serve the need of clients completely. The work is carried out by international codes, standards, and specifications maintaining the high level of quality. Fazlerasheed services have available all trained and rich experienced engineers, supervisors and high skilled technicians to complete the site jobs and to achieve any assigned target. Fazlerasheed & Co services have earned a remarkable standing in the following fields.

• Basic Design
• Fabrication& Commissioning
• Electrification & Instrumentation
• Engineering, Procurement & Development
• Repair & Maintenance

fabrication services