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Looking Our Maintenance Services

We offer a variety of forklift service options through our team of trained professionals.

It’s important to view service from multiple dimensions such as trained service engineers, the availability of quality spare parts, first-call fix rate and response time. When you’re able to look beyond cheap service rates and acknowledge these factors, you’ll begin to understand that you need a system in place to achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability.

Reach trucks/Fork lifters Planned Maintenance and Full Maintenance Plans offer you unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Reach trucks/Fork lifters maintenance programs provide ongoing upkeep of your forklifts and help detect any problems before they turn into something that negatively impacts your business. Depending on the maintenance program you choose – full maintenance or planned maintenance – you can rely on FAZL-E-RASHEED & Co. Typically, planned maintenance plans cover the cost of labor, while full maintenance plans cover the costs of parts and labor.

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