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Eternity A Leading Brand

Eternity Technologies has positioned itself to meet the demanding needs of the global industrial battery market in a unique operation. Based in the dynamic and vibrant United Arab Emirates Eternity Technologies have developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilizing the latest design, manufacturing processes and customer-focused management systems to not only meet the needs of the global power market but define them for the future.


With nearly 100 years of experience powering business and industry, Trojan is the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries. Trojan batteries are synonymous with high performance, reliability, durability and a long lifespan. A truly outstanding battery is ready for action, day in and day out. At Fazl-e-Rasheed & Co, we know you need to be able to count on your batteries at all times. That’s why we recommend Trojan batteries.
We offer a broad range of high-quality batteries to suit any need: Trojan lithium-ion batteries, deep-cycle flooded batteries, AGM and gel batteries.
Trojan first made a name for itself in 1952, supplying high-quality golf cart batteries. Today, Trojan has become the leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries for industries ranging from transportation to renewable energy. Their superior batteries power a wide range of vehicles, such as:
• MEWPs (boom lifts and scissor lifts)
• Floor-cleaning machines (such as industrial floor sweepers & scrubbers)
• Golf carts, marine and recreational vehicles.

| Batteries | Fazl-e-Rasheed and Company August 2021

We offer 3 types of Trojan batteries: deep-cycle flooded batteries, AGM and gel batteries. Whether you’re looking for a Trojan 6-volt scissor lift battery or 8-volt version, we’ll be happy to help! All batteries are available in different capacities & technologies. Want to learn more? Read on and discover all you need to know about the deep-cycle flooded, AGM and gel batteries.
Deep-cycle flooded batteries
Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries are their flagship product. They’re engineered to provide durability, outstanding performance and a long lifespan, even in rugged conditions. This makes them perfect for a variety of electric vehicles. Featuring Trojan’s historically proven engineering and T2 Technology™️, an advanced battery technology for maximum sustained performance, these powerful deep-cycle flooded batteries are the best in the business.
We sell the following range of Trojan’s deep-cycle flooded batteries:
• 6 Volt deep-cycle flooded batteries: J250G, J250P, J305E-AC, J305G-AC, J305H-AC, J305P-AC, L16E-AC, L16G-AC, L16H-AC, L16HG-AC, L16P-AC, T-105 (Plus), T-125 (Plus), T-145 (Plus), T-605, TE35.
• 8 Volt deep-cycle flooded batteries: DC-8V, T-875, T-890.
• 12 Volt deep-cycle flooded batteries: 24TMX, 27TMH, 30XHS, 31XHS, J185P-AC, SCS225, T-1275, T-1275 Plus.
Deep-cycle AGM batteries
Trojan has developed AGM batteries with C-Max Technology™️ for a wide range of machines that require deep-cycle power. C-Max technology offers a wide range of features not found in most other AGM batteries. This includes a patented paste that maximizes sustained performance and increases total energy, a unique separator that protects against battery stratification and extends battery life, an extremely durable plastic polymer case that provides higher battery-cell performance and flame arrestors to ensure maximum safety.
We sell the following range of Trojan’s deep-cycle AGM batteries with C-Max Technology™️:
• 6 Volt deep-cycle AGM batteries: T105-AGM, J305-AGM, L16-AGM.
• 8 Volt deep-cycle AGM batteries: T875-AGM.
• 12 Volt deep-cycle AGM batteries: 31-AGM, J185-AGM, Overdrive AGM 31, T1275-AGM, 12-AGM, 24-AGM, 27-AGM.
Deep-cycle gel batteries
Trojan’s gel batteries deliver superior performance without any hassle: they’re non-spill and maintenance-free. Patented formulations provide high-quality performance and offer significant advantages over competing products. The active material sticks to the thick, heavy-duty grids to supply concentrated energy to the terminals, while double-insulated separators maximise the charge flow between the plates, resulting in consistent, optimal power you can count on.
We sell the following range of Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries:
• 6 Volt deep-cycle GEL batteries: 6V-GEL, TE35-GEL.
• 6 Volt deep-cycle GEL batteries: 8D-GEL, 24-GEL, 27-GEL, 31-GEL and 5SHP-GEL.
Fazl-e-Rasheed & Co is your one-stop shop for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment batteries, chargers and accessories. Buying your Trojan batteries, chargers & accessories from Fazl-e-Rasheed & Co guarantees you premium service and fast delivery.
The many benefits of buying Trojan batteries, chargers & accessories from Fazl-e-Rasheed & Co:

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