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Eternity Technologies offer an extensive range of products for the global industrial market. Supporting applications such as forklift trucks, electric vehicles, telecoms, UPS systems, emergency lighting and solar / wind power stations. We offer low maintenance, long life and maintenance free batteries.


With nearly 100 years of experience powering business and industry, Trojan is the world’s leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries. Trojan batteries are synonymous with high performance, reliability, durability and a long lifespan. A truly outstanding battery is ready for action, day in and day out. At Fazl-e-Rasheed & Co, we know you need to be able to count on your batteries at all times. That’s why we recommend Trojan batteries.
We offer a broad range of high-quality batteries to suit any need: Trojan lithium-ion batteries, deep-cycle flooded batteries, AGM and gel batteries.

Trojan first made a name for itself in 1952, supplying high-quality golf cart batteries. Today, Trojan has become the leading supplier of deep-cycle batteries for industries ranging from transportation to renewable energy. Their superior batteries power a wide range of vehicles, such as:
• MEWPs (boom lifts and scissor lifts)
• Floor-cleaning machines (such as industrial floor sweepers & scrubbers)
• Golf carts, marine and recreational vehicles.

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