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Battery operated Equipment rental is a service in industry providing machinery, equipment, and tools of all kinds and sizes for a limited/life time period , mainly to food, paper and board, Textile, Pharmaceutical but also to other sector and individual consumers.
Reach Truck Rental Services offered by FAZL-E-RASHEED AND COMPANY involve trucks with the lifting capacity of 900 kg – 3000 kg and lifting height of up to 7 meters. These are suitable for use in areas with narrow aisles and spatially constrained warehouse areas. Further, these machines also come with very easy to handle operating controls that allow operators to access hard to reach areas quickly. These also come with short turning radius that allows simpler and more convenient transport of goods including in applications requiring shelving. Made available with deep reach, straddle, and unique range capabilities, these are available under short-term as well as long-term rental plan options so to meet client’s specific needs. The reach trucks also come with added ability to lift objects higher than usual which makes them suitable for handling truck loading and off-loading operations.
Whether your needs of a Fork Lifter, Reach Truck, Power Pallet, Stacker, Tow Truck or Order Picker from a day to year, FAZL-E-RASHEED AND COMPANY has a solution for you.
We have you covered for seasonal peaks, stock-takes, backlogs and special projects with short and long-term rental options that fit your specific requirements.


We offer a variety of forklift service options through our team of trained professionals. We believe it is important to provide quality service with terrific aspects such as trained service engineers, the availability of quality spare parts, first-call fix rate and response time. When you’re able to look beyond cheap service rates and acknowledge these factors, you’ll begin to understand that you need a system in place to achieve the highest levels of performance and astounding reliability. Reach trucks/Fork lifters Planned Maintenance and Full Maintenance Plans offer you an unmatched peace-of-mind and protection of your investment. Reach trucks/Fork lifters maintenance programs provide an ongoing and consistent upkeep of your forklifts and help detect any problems before they turn into something significant. Depending on the maintenance program you choose – full maintenance or planned maintenance – you can rely on FAZL-E-RASHEED & Co. Typically, planned maintenance plans cover the cost of labor, while full maintenance plans cover the costs of parts and labor.

rental | Services | Fazlerasheed and Company September 2023
rental | Services | Fazlerasheed and Company September 2023


Batteries are traditionally associated with Transportation Vehicles, Trucks, Autos, War craft, Boats, Golf carts, Wheel Chairs, UPS, Telecom, Construction Equipment, Military Signals, Wind & Solar Power Systems and others. Battery Refurbishment is a process which removes sulphation by electrical high frequency pulsation process. This process restores the battery capacity up to 80%, enabling the reuse of old and sulphated batteries”. Annual preventative maintenance of the battery is strongly recommended. It will prolong the lifespan of your batteries. The maintenance procedures may keep your batteries operational for the typical 5 to 7 years of standard battery life. As many as 70% to 80% of lead-acid batteries are replaced prematurely due to the sulfate infected.

WHEELS, Castors & Rollers retreading Service

Fazlerasheed and Company knows how big of an investment wheels, rollers and castors can be, and that’s why we’re proud to offer retreading services. Retreading is the more cost-efficient alternative to buying wheels. The process is simple; we recover existing wheel castings and replace the old thread with a new one, allowing you to receive the same performance as a new wheel without the expensive price tag.

Retreading can minimize wear to your wheels and increase fuel efficiency. Not to mention, it’s also an environmentally friendly solution to replacing them with new ones. One casing can be used up to three to four times before it needs to be replaced, keeping waste out of our landfills and saving you money. We offer retreading services, which are available for all wheel sizes at low costs and with lead time of just 7 days.

We retread and refurbish old wheels using German Vulkollan Materials, which are the most environmentally friendly and durable. We also offer a variety of services to help you get the most out of your new wheels.
Retreading wheels
golf cart fazlerasheed

Golf carts batteries - Golf carts maintenance

Golf carts / electric buggies for multi purpose use. Golf carts are used in golf courses, buggie carts for hotels, for parks and for movement in factories. We are competent in electric golf carts and similar vehicle.

We provide Trojan or eternity semi traction long life batteries for these carts. We contract regular maintenance and service of golf carts. We supply all golf carts and electric buggies parts, motors and electronic cars. Annual maintenance of your cart at Fazlerasheed and Company will keep it in good working condition. We use imported European parts for all battery-powered machines.

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