Pakistan's leading battery operated Warehousing Equipment and Spare Parts provider

Fazlerasheed and Company, estd. 2016, is the leading provider of battery operated warehousing equipment and spare parts in Pakistan. We have a fleet of over 170 machines available for both sale and rental. All machines are checked and maintained thoroughly by our technical team. All machines in our range have been extensively cleaned and tested. We provide the best quality genuine spare parts of all brands including original, OEM parts, wheels, and solid tires.

warehousing equipment

To help you maximise your warehouse, we provide a wide range of industrial warehousing equipment and material handling products. To improve process efficiency and move a range of items and products across the warehouse, use the battery-powered handling devices. This low-cost solution makes getting things from point A to point B and putting them on and off the shelves a simple. Electric pallets, forklifts, reach trucks, order pickers, tow trucks, and hand pallets are among the battery-powered handling equipment available from us. We also offer spare parts combined with the finest possible maintenance service. We also provide customised solutions to business issues.


Supply of spare parts within a reasonable time is an important part of our services. Our skilled team will respond to you straightforward and frankly to minimize stoppage in production. Our well-sorted stock, as well as the carefully selected network of suppliers, ensure short times of response with the well-known quality. Also, we recommend specific spare parts packages (for wearing parts) that are individually adapted to the respective equipment. Thus, the needed components can be stored close to the material and shall ensure a smooth run of your production. Standard components are always kept in the stock so that a fast delivery is possible at all times.

Spare Parts
Epoxy, Crack filler, Warehouse


Areas of use:

  • Fixing Starter Bars Both Vertically and Horizontally
  • Bonding Steel to Concrete and Concrete to Concrete,
  • Ensuring Adherence Between Old and New Concrete,
  • Fixing Waterproofing and Joint Sealing Tapes onto Expansion Joints,
  • Fixing All Sorts of Coatings Such as Granite and Composite Stones on Surfaces,
  • Leveling of Welding Seams / Welding Joints,
  • Rounding Intersections,
  • Filling the Cracks and Cavities on Concrete,
  • Correcting the Defects on Formworks,
  • Structural Repairing of Precast Concrete.


  • Non-shrink,
  • After good substrate preparation, bonds perfectly onto surfaces,
  • Solvent free nature allows easy use and a safe working environment,
  • Allows a flawless substrate for the final paint coat after sanding process,
  • Long pot life allows application at large areas,
  • Can be covered by a wide variety of paint,
  • Resistant to broad spectrum of corrosive chemicals and solvent exposure,
  • Resistant to sudden temperature changes,
  • Resistant to freeze and thaw cycles.
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