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What Crypto Users Need to Know: The ERC20 Standard

Following the procedure used by the Ethereum developer community, the proposal was approved and implemented in 2017 as Ethereum Improvement Proposal 20 (EIP-20). However, it is still called ERC-20 because that’s how it was known until it was approved. Set the amount of allowance the spender is allowed to transfer from the function caller (msg.sender) […]

Bitcoin Price BTC Price Index, Live Chart and USD Converter

This is the monetary system behind Bitcoin, where the fees for validating transactions on the network is paid by the person who wishes to transact (in this case it is Alice). You can not only purchase Bitcoin with fiat currency, but also use it as a trading pair with all other currencies on the exchange. Bitcoin (BTC) […]

How to Buy Ripple with Coinbase: Step-By-Step Guide

Though you may choose to hold your Ripple inside of your wallet, most investors choose to download a desktop wallet to transfer their cryptocurrencies for safe keeping. Again, keep in mind that cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset class. It was invented in 2012 as a way for banks and forex investors to quickly transfer money […]

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