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Candlestick Chart Definition and Basics Explained

The hammer candlestick pattern is formed of a short body with a long lower wick, and is found at the bottom of a downward trend. As Japanese rice traders discovered centuries ago, traders’ emotions have a major impact on that asset’s movement. Candlesticks help traders to gauge the emotions behind an asset’s price movements, believing that […]

What Is the U S. Dollar Index USDX and How to Trade It

In 1973, many foreign governments chose to let their currency rates float, putting an end to the agreement. Five of the world’s most significant central banks delivered policy this week. The US Dollar Index (DXY) serves as a benchmark for measuring the relative value of the American dollar to a basket of currencies of the […]

If you’re running a script or application, please register or sign in with your developer credentials here. 3 best day trading strategies for 2021 Additionally make sure your User-Agent is not empty and is something unique and descriptive and try again. If you’re running a script or application, please register or sign in with your […]

Beginners Guide to Long Trades and Short Trades Saxo Group

If the stock indeed rises to £50 per share, the investor can sell the 50 shares for a profit, as the market value has surpassed the initial purchase price. On the other hand, a short trade is a more adventurous investing strategy that involves “borrowing” and selling an asset with the expectation that the price […]

Ekspansja na rynku fashion Answear przejmuje PRM i Sneakerstudio

Mamy ambitny i kreatywny zespół, który posiada odpowiedni know-how i wie, jak dotrzeć do klientów w niszy w której operują nasze brandy, bo w wielu przypadkach są to osoby, które od zawsze interesowały się streetwearem i sneakersami. Łącząc nasze zespoły, nie tylko dalej będziemy rozwijać nasze marki, ale liczę, że również dzięki wymianie doświadczeń, będziemy […]

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