A Unique Team Behind Your Successful Warehouse Operations

Fazlerasheed and Company stands out due to our remarkable team of dedicated professionals who channel their enthusiasm, commitment, and knowledge into maintaining our clients’ material handling machinery. Our passion for our work fuels us to provide exceptional service levels.

Fazlerasheed and company team

We hire the best
people & train them
to become top experts.

Our material handling equipment company is full of smart and friendly people who work hard and love to solve problems. We are careful about who we work with because it’s important to help and learn from each other. Every person who joins us gets lots of training because we think it helps our company do well in the long run.

United by Values, Strengthened as a Team​

Handle everything with kindness

caring for our colleagues, patrons, the broader community, and the environment.

Act purposefully

driven by a blend of curiosity, enthusiasm, and a desire to create a lasting effect.

Honor each person

treating everyone with respect, regardless of their background, beliefs, or identity.

Push your boundaries

striving to consistently surpass the anticipated outcomes.

Advance through technology

pushing the boundaries of what we consider achievable in our sector.

We're spread nationally to better serve all clients

Fazlerasheed and Company’s teams are spread all over the country to help our respected customers timely maintain their material handling equipment to avoid additional labor costs and downtime.

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