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At Fazl-e-Rasheed, our range of industrial lights is divided into three categories: essential lights, safety lights and work lights.
  • Essential lights: These are the types of lights that make sure a vehicle is seen, while
    simultaneously ensuring the driver can see clearly. With compatible lights for forklifts,
    telehandlers, skid-steer loaders and other machines, this category includes front and rear lights,
    reflectors, indicator lights, number-plate lights and more.
  • Safety lights: These lights are all about being seen. Among others, the range includes rotating beacons, strobe lights and signaling lights that maximize visibility and alert others to your presence.
  • Work lights: Lights for machines that are often used outdoors. They illuminate the work area for optimal visibility and safety.
We also offer commercial lights like torches, portable lights and magnetic work lights, along with a range of reflectors. With lights for any circumstances, there’s never any need to work in the dark.
| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024

Rear lights

Rear lights make sure the vehicles following you know you’re there. Red lights are used because they
are the most visible in all weather conditions. By incorporating indicator lights, rear lights also serve a
second important function: they inform nearby drivers and pedestrians when the vehicle is going to
change direction. Some rear lights have a single function, others combine multiple features, including
a rear light, stop light, indicator light, reverse light, fog light and even number-plate lighting.

Front lights

Front lights serve two important purposes: they make sure the vehicle is visible, and they ensure the
driver can see where they’re going. Using a bulb, mirror and lens, they illuminate the surface in front
of the vehicle. When dimmed, the beam of the headlights is directed downwards to prevent blinding
the drivers of oncoming vehicles.
Many vehicles have front lights built in. However, they are also able to be installed later. Available in
different shapes, models and technologies, some front lights only perform one function, whereas
others serve multiple purposes. Our range includes models equipped with an indicator light, parking
light, dimmed headlight, high-beam headlight, or a combination of these

| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024
| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024

Indicator lights

Indicator lights increase safety: they warn other drivers and pedestrians when the vehicle is going to
change direction. Available in different shapes, sizes and dimensions, indicator lights are designed to
draw attention in any situation. Our range includes combination lights that consist of indicator lights
and a continuously lit marker light. We also offer ‘two-sided illumination’ indicator lights. The major
advantage of these is that people can see you from two sides of the vehicle

Marker lights

Marker lights inform nearby people of the length and width of a vehicle, and its potential load. They
are attached to the side of the vehicle and to a potential load or trailer. Some models are able to be
used on both sides of the vehicle; these are mainly orange side markers. In addition, there are also
models available with a rubber centre section. The red and white lenses can be exchanged and
mounted on both sides. The lights are mounted with screws, either with a rubber spacer or without
(depending on the design of the light). We offer both LED marker lights and marker lights with
incandescent bulbs.

| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024
| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024

Number-plate lights

Vehicles need to be identifiable at all times. Number-plate lights help make this possible. They can be
installed as separate parts or incorporated in the rear light. Whenever the high-beam headlights,
dimmed headlights, parking lights, fog lights or rear lights are lit, the number-plate light must be too.
Our range includes both LED models and models that require incandescent bulbs. It’s important to
note that number-plate lights are not able to illuminate the side of the vehicle or the area behind the

Projection warning lights

Tired of the constant beeping of reversing forklifts? Prefer a safe, silent way to warn people in the
warehouse about a machine’s movements? Achieve this quickly and easily with projection warning
lights. Mounted on the vehicle, these safety lights create visual warning signals for anyone nearby. It’s
easy to see which direction the forklift is moving in, and thus avoid collisions, accidents and
injuries.. Check out the range in this leaflet

| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024
| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024

Rotating beacons and strobe lights

Rotating beacons and strobe lights make it easy to let people know where you’re working. They’re
available in LED, xenon and halogen versions. Depending on the technology, rotating beacons and
strobe lights work differently:
• LED technology is used in both rotating beacons and strobe lights. The rotating beacon is created
by using a specific sequence of flashes in the light.
• Xenon technology is only used to create flashes.
• Halogen lights use a mirror to project the light beam around.
Strobe lights are often bolted onto forklifts or attached with a magnet or suction cup. On tractors, it’s
more common to have the lights pole mounted. We also have some plug-and-play models available.
These are equipped with a magnetic mounting base and a 12 V plug; they’re very easy to install and
uninstall as needed.
All LED and xenon beacons come fitted with an LED module or xenon tube. The voltage or voltage
range they are suitable for is mentioned beside the reference. Beacons with halogen or bulb
technology also list the voltages beside the references, and spare bulbs appear in the technical data
We also offer a limited range of beacons for priority vehicles. The use of rotating beacons on priority
vehicles is restricted. The user is responsible for ensuring all regulations are met.

LED work lights

LED work lights come in two different types:
• Flood beam: Illuminates a wide area over a short distance.
• Spot beam: Illuminates a long, narrow area over a long distance. The light from a spot beam is
more intense than a flood beam.
The light output of LED work lights is indicated in a value of lumen. Flood beam work lights are the
most commonly used. Some work lights have a spot beam or are available in both versions. Where
applicable, this will be mentioned in the title or specifications. All other work lights are flood beam work
Advantages of LEDs:
• Long lifespan: up to 100x the lifespan of a halogen bulb
• Maintenance free
• Low power consumption
• Waterproof
• Vibration resistant
• Robust

| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024
| Lights | Fazlerasheed and Company July 2024

Halogen/incandescent bulb work lights

For work lights that use halogen or incandescent bulb technology, the light output isn’t expressed in
lumen. Instead, the power of the included bulb is stated. This means bulbs with different voltages can
be used as well. All possible replacement bulbs are listed as spare parts. Compare the light output in
lumen to the wattage of an incandescent bulb using the table below:














80 - 85











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